A Beacon of Light.......

Koinonia Primary Care is the name of Dr. Bob's Albany Practice. The office is located at 553 Clinton Avenue, Albany NY.

Over the last decade, the clinic has gone through many ups and down, and often operated with a "bare bone"s staff . The practice at times depends on family members, with Bob Paeglow jr as the full time office manager, Tara Paeglow as the medical records manager, and Dr. Bob's wife Leanne as the head nurse. Amanda Paeglow helped part time when she is not at the D.A's office or working with her "kids" in her own mission for which she was given a Jefferson Award.

In 2013-14, the office was renovated, with new faces, and a fresh coat of paint! KPC has had volunteers from Bruderhof community, and doctors who unselfishly volunteering their services. They have also had many med students pass through the office, learning and sharing, and taking what they experienced on in their future endeavors. 

The word Koinonia means "fellowship" or "communion".  The feeling of "fellowship" and  compassion fills the waiting room at Koinonia. You can't help but feel uplifted just by being in the presence of such wonderful sincere, caring people. Even though they are short staffed, they work efficiently, upholding the integrity and compliancy expected of a Board Certified Family Practice. They operate the way many offices operate in medical terms, but there are distinct differences. If a patient has no insurance, or no means to pay, they are given the exact same treatment as an insured patient. If they need emotional support and counseling, the time is made for that one on one. If they are homeless, calls are made to find housing. If they need medicine, but have no means to pay, medicine is provided, even if Dr. Bob has to pay for it himself.  At the end of each visit with Dr Bob, he asks the patient "would you like me to pray for you? The answer is almost always "yes". This part of his care is often misunderstood by the public and media.  Dr. Bob will never prosthletize. The patient's own beliefs, or lack there of, has no bearing on his praying for that individual. People of all race, creed, color, financial status, are treated equally and their beliefs are respected always. Over the years, the clinic has had staff/volunteers of various religious belief, or non belief. Dr Bob welcomes all with an open heart and open mind.  

Dr. Bob has experienced the power of prayer, and has debated this issue frequently.   Whether one believes in God or not, there IS a healing that results from Dr Bobs' prayers, and that is evident when you see the smiles on the faces of patient's leaving the office. There is a sense of peace and increased security knowing Dr Bob cares.  And that "healing" ( if you choose not to believe in tGod, or the power of prayer) comes from the faith and compassion that Dr. Bob and his staff impart to their patients.