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Thanks go out to the following

Paula Beach of Medallies- Going above and beyond to help implement the electronic medical records.  Thanks for your support!

Brian Bodine.. you are a great guy! keep on playing and praying 

Mary jo and Jeff Layton  .."For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed   .."  

Connie Kaloyerakis.. Thank you for your beautiful, giving heart!

More Friends and Supporters

Jim Colucci

Kristin McNeill

Ron Rouse

Anna Leung LMHC

Antonia Novello M.D.

Dorothy Dice

Glenn Clermont


If you would like to join the "Friends of Dr. Bob Paeglow,please email us at:

We would love to have help! The more we pass this on to family friends, colleagues, philanthropists, and "corporately responsible" businesses, the better the chance we will raise the money to make this dream come true!